Dream Builder Custom Log Homes
The interior of a custom log home can be anything you choose it to be.  The inside of our custom log wall is flat.  It does not need chinking and looks very warm.  The interior framed walls can be built using tongue and groove for a total wood look or they can be finished with sheet rock in a more conventional way.  These homes can be made to look very rustic or can be upgraded to look extremely sophisticated or anything in between. 

The inside of our roof panels come finished with tongue and groove pine boards.  Nothing flimsy here!  Looks great and lasts.  The log staircase to the loft is optional.  You can choose a framed stairway. 

In the pictures here you might notice these are from the same home.  The natural element of wood is that it changes with the incoming light.  Some of the pictures here were taken as the sun was setting.  The warm glow makes the clear coated finish  of the wood shimmer with warmth and an invitation to totally relax.

Lighting is important in any home.  You may notice our home has canned lighting to help bring out the best features of the wood.